Developmental Education & Enrichment Programs

What Does Developmental Education Look Like?

  • Based on Child Development
  • Knowledge of age-related human characteristics that permits general predictions within an age range about what activities, materials, interactions, or experiences will be safe, healthy, interesting, achievable, and also challenging to children.
  • Implemented Individually: Based on what is known about the strengths, interests, and needs of each individual child in the group to be able to adapt for and be responsive to inevitable individual
  • Implemented In Context: Presented in the social and cultural contexts in which children live to ensure that learning experiences are meaningful, relevant, and respectful for the participating children and their families.

The objectives of our Christian academic education depend upon a mutually cooperative relationship between parents and teachers. Teachers provide parents with a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter and a monthly director’s letter is distributed to keep parents informed about current events. We encourage parents to become involved in our school activities. Volunteers may assist with:

  • Field Trips
  • Monthly Reading Sessions
  • School Fundraisers
  • Holiday Parties
  • Market Day
  • School Scrapbook

Choosing a school is a difficult decision; we pray that the information we have provided on the website will make your decision easier. After prayerful consideration of all your options, we hope you will find King of Kings is the place for your child’s early education experience. Please do not hesitate to call our Director, Vicky Lesiak at 513-398-6089 Ext 304 with any questions or concerns.


Our Enrichment Programs

Our school is proud to offer the following enrichment classes for our Preschoolers and Kinder Ready Students:



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