Outreach Tools

An outreach tool kit has been developed by the ABLAZE Team for all to use.  The purpose of the tool kit is to equip and provide help to members as they reach out to those people in their lives such as family members, neighbors, friends, co-workers etc.  Members may find it useful to use one or more of the tool kit items depending on the situation.

The Outreach Tool Kit at this time includes the following:

A Good News Insert –  This insert can be placed in the New Testament as it is given to a person new to the faith for them to read and get started.  It can also serve as an outline as you prepare to share your faith.


God’s Yellow Pages –  These are Biblical passages that can serve as a quick reference when talking to others about where to look for various topics, what the Bible says about virtues and character, and teachings about life’s problems.


Responses and Scriptural Verses –  These are suggestions to help you to prepare to respond to the person with whom you are sharing your faith.


Live the Six Learning to Live as an Everyday Missionary –  A Concordia Publishing House Project Connect booklet by Pastor Dion Garrett.  He shares practical, down-to-earth strategies for taking the Gospel to the streets, sharing it with all those exotic people we meet—like our neighbors, our friends, maybe even somebody at our church.


LCMS Frequently Asked Questions – Do you have questions on the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod beliefs and positions? This link references topics such as bible, doctrine, worship, congregational life and moral and ethical issues.


Additionally, the following items are available from the church office:

Business Cards –  These can be used to provide church information to a person new to our church and can be personalized on the reverse side by writing your name and a personal invite to church.  Keep a number of these cards in your purse or wallet.  A map is also provided to help locate our church.

New Testaments –  These can be given to someone that is new to the faith with whom you have established a personal relationship and have been sharing your faith.

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