A Glimpse of Jesus

February 12, 2018

“A Glimpse of Jesus”
Mark 9: 2 – 9

Today our festival worship surrounding the Transfiguration of our Lord leads us, as followers of Jesus, to join disciples Peter, James, and John in getting a glimpse of the awesome glory of the fully human Jesus as the very Son of God. Today marks that point in the church year when we are about to begin our Lenten journey. Jerusalem and the cross stand before us. This Wednesday, we are marked with ashes and begin traveling with Jesus to the cross. In that place, we will find another – very different – mountaintop experience. The cross – that place that seems to be so God-forsaken. The cross – that place of death and sorrow where we discover a love so big it envelops the entire world! The cross – that place where we discover grace – a grace that transforms our very lives. May the Holy Spirit lead us to see the glory of Christ in all of His salvation activity: His birth, suffering, death, resurrection…and what He still plans to do!

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