Looking for a Chance to be Merciful

October 1, 2017

“Looking for a Chance to be Merciful”
Ezekiel 18: 1 – 4, 25 – 32

In our generation we hear the all too common cry, “There is no fairness”. Such embittered criticism is triggered by assumed unfairness in the tax code, unfairness in the media, unfairness in how the rich and the poor are treated, and many more examples. Perhaps we, at times – either individually or as a family of faith – dare to tell God “It’s unfair!” or even more directly, “You are unfair!” Pained by our current challenges, we feel God’s form of justice leaves us as the victim rather than the blessed. May the Holy Spirit lead us to hear God’s challenging response to our blind assumptions and to be led to see how merciful and just He truly is!

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