Prepared for the Dance!

November 13, 2016

“Prepared for the Dance!”
Malachi 4: 1 – 6

Many of the Scripture lessons that we hear in the final weeks of November are intentionally selected to be a “wake-up call” that reminds us that God’s salvation plan will culminate in His Day – a Day of Destruction and a Day of Deliverance. Our temptation is to tune out God’s “wake-up call” – either because we don’t recognize that we, as God’s forgiven children, are still sinners – or because we, in apathy, lose our faith focus, forgetting that Christ and His salvation, His day has already dawned. May the Holy Spirit, working through God’s Word, lead us to live each day, active and faithful in the different callings God has given us while, at the same time, being prepared and ready for the glorious return of our Savior!

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