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Sermon Series: Forgotten

May 23 - July 4

The seasons of the church year always have us looking towards something. The beginning of Advent has us looking towards Christmas and the birth of Christ. The beginning of Lent has us looking towards Easter and the resurrection of Christ. As we come to the end of this Easter season we are once again look forward to something… the Day of Pentecost.

Pentecost, of course, is all about the coming of the Holy Spirit. Rushing wind, tongues of fire, and many languages are just a few of the images that may immediately come to mind. But what do we really know about the Holy Spirit? Do we really appreciate or even understand the role of the Spirit in the life of the Christian? It is often the case that the Holy Spirit takes something of a back seat to Jesus when it comes to our understanding of God. FORGOTTEN aims to change that. Over the next seven weeks, beginning on Pentecost, we will endeavor to expand our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the third person of the Holy Trinity. Our series will explore the following themes:

• Week 1: The Holy Spirit Changes the World
• Week 2: Who is He?
• Week 3: The Spirit’s Job Description
• Week 4: Baptism and Unity in the Spirit
• Week 5: The Gifts of the Spirit
• Week 6: Blasphemy of the Spirit
• Week 7: The Holy Spirit in the Life of a Christian


May 23
July 4
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