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What is iBelieve?

iBelieve is a database computer system by Church Community Builder (CCB) that allow our members to access it in a secure environment and connect with each other in ministry and fellowship. These added features provide our staff, leaders, and members with various tools to facilitate communication and manage activities within our church family. We encourage every member (age 12 and up) to log-in and try it out. You can use it to:

  • Explore new ministries & volunteer opportunities
  • Connect with your ministry groups or activities
  • Communicate with staff & other church members
  • Stay informed about upcoming events
  • Update your contact information & serving availability
  • Access your financial records

You can access iBelieve/CCB at any time through the church website by clicking on the “iBelieve Login” link displayed on the Home Page, or you can log in directly at www.koklcms.ccbchurch.com. If you are a member of KOK and you don’t currently have a user-ID and password, just go to the iBelieve/CCB login screen and click on the “Sign Up” link.  If you forgot your user-ID and/or password, there is a way to request a password reset from the login screen.

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