Christian Education Hour


Nursery:  The King of Kings Nursery is staffed by one paid attendant during Sunday morning worship and our Christian education hour.

Sunday School:  Sunday morning Christian education is available for 3-year-olds through 5th grade.

Junior High Bible Study:  Sunday morning Christian education is available for students in Junior High (grades 6th through 8th).

Senior High Bible Study:  Sunday evenings, Christian education is available for students in Senior High (grades 9th through 12th).

You may register your child by contacting the pastor, visiting for the first time or by filling out the KOK Child Registration form available through our iBelieve form here.

Adult Bible Studies:

“A Longer Look at the Lessons-Treasures to be found” led by Pastor John and Dr. Bill Polzin in the Fellowship Hall

Wouldn’t you agree that when we take the time to dig deeper in God’s Word the Holy Spirit leads us to treasures we didn’t discover previously? On Sundays, beginning September 10th, during our Christian Education Hour (9:45 – 10:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall) you are invited to participate in an on-going Bible study, “A Longer Look at the Lessons”. Participants will have the opportunity to “dig deeper” and focus on the three Scripture lessons that are shared in that Sunday’s worship.

Our time together will enable us to discuss three questions concerning each lesson: 1) What does it say? 2) What does it mean? and 3) What does it mean for us? Pastor John and Dr. Bill Polzin invite you to join them in a longer look at the lessons.


“A Man Named Martin” led by Susan Heitner in the Library

Nearly 500 years ago, an unknown monk from a backwater town in Germany set in motion a movement that would literally transform Western civilization. The impact Martin Luther had on the growth and development of Christianity is enormous. But how did this unknown miner’s son change the world? In this Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Bible study, beginning Sunday, September 17, we will examine the life and times of this religious reformer. From his humble beginnings to his indefatigable work to understand Scripture and share the truths of the Bible, Martin Luther inspired a Reformation that reverberates throughout Christendom to this day.

Please join this study in the church library on Sunday, September 17, at 9:45 am for this well presented material on the life and influence of A Man Named Martin led by Susan Heitner. This weekly study will continue for eight+ weeks.

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