Welcome to Our School

Welcome! The following information will introduce you to our preschool and kindergarten program for ages 2-6. We pray that God will bless the important decision you are about to make regarding your child’s early learning years. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our program and provide an early childhood education consultation and tour at your convenience.

Email: ecemadmin@koklcms.org

Phone: (513) 398-6089


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Our Mission, Philosophy & Objectives all come together to create a learning environment designed to educate, enrich, and grow each students potential as a child created in the image of God. We value each of our students equally for their uniqueness and our staff has a genuine love for the work they do. King of Kings Lutheran Church is committed to providing a safe and loving environment for every child enrolled in our classes so as to establish a love of learning at a very young age. 

Facility Features:

  • Nine large, well-equipped classrooms
  • Full-court indoor gym
  • Toddler-sized outdoor play area – for the younger children
  • Large, outdoor play ground – for the older children
  • Garden
  • School library with an assortment of age appropriate literacy materials
  • Chapel for weekly worship
  • Large Fellowship Hall for group events and gatherings
  • An art room filled with supplies for creative exploration
  • Computers and education software in each classroom
  • Well-maintained facility and grounds create a peaceful learning environment

Our school is a ministry of King of Kings Lutheran Church. Our developmental education and enrichment program is based on the belief that each individual child’s needs should be met academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Therefore, worship is a vital part of life at King of Kings. Each day, a brief devotion of Jesus Time is held in the classroom. Prayers are spoken before snacks and weekly chapel services are held in Luther Chapel to give all children an opportunity to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ in a formal setting.  We use a developmental educational philosophy which capitalizes on a children’s innate ability to learn to prepare them well for kindergarten and then first grade.


Extended Care Program

The King of Kings extended day program is available to students 3 years through Kindergarten who are enrolled in one of our school day programs.

The King of Kings Preschool and Kindergarten extended day program gives parents more flexibility for drop-off and pick-up. You can expect the same commitment to your child’s extended day experience as you do with their daily school activities. We are committed to the partnership of providing vibrant learning experiences that include the promotion of the student’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth and well-being. The King of Kings extended day program will include prayer and faith reflection, a healthy snack, and diverse activities to support and challenge each student.  Depending upon the needs of our families, extended care is usually 8:00AM – 4:00PM. Contact our director to learn more and register for extended care.